Swiss Replica Watch Vintage Models

These days you see a significant trend in making more and more quality replica watches uk, such as Sea Dwellers and Rolex Submariners. It’s due to the fact, or myth, that vintage pieces have a huge cache when it comes to their value and demand, intrinsically. Also, people say people are more apt to accept a flaw in a vintage than in a new watch, because after all, it is vintage!

The rarer Rolex watches like the infamous 'double-red' version of the Sea dweller or the 'red' version of the Submariner have at times brought in as much as $20,000 when they are in immaculate shape. That price is insane when you think about it – they only cost some hundreds of dollars when they are brand new. Of course, it’s demand for a limited item that makes the cost go sky-high. And right there is where the replica market enters the game.

In the beginning swiss replica were pretty easy to call out. They had these modern cases and dials that were clearly laser-printed and just trying to look old. They were basically just new watches trying dressed up as fogies. In the 70’s, Rolex wasn’t using sapphire crystal, there wasn’t any lasering going on, and Sea Dwellers were just making a name for themselves among the sailors and selkies.

These days the high-end Omega replica have turned to using special components made especially for vintage copies. They are deliberately making a thicker case for example, different than thick new replica cases. They are using a special crown and special crystal, trying to get a better authentic match with the vintage components. Some vintage replicas have a tight enough tolerance that it’s possible to put in OEM components even, which makes the watch really difficult to call out.

Nonetheless, there are visible flaws of course, even with quality pieces. Examples include the wrong bezel pearl, bad date magnification, poor crown guard shape, and more when it comes to the Rolex vintage replicas. What’s more, Rolex used to like to use acrylic crystals that were really thick, which is hard to copy. Some fakes make up for this a bit by putting in an OEM piece or after-market crystal made from acrylic.

As always, you have to remember that purchasing swiss replica watches on the internet isn’t failsafe. If you're looking for vintage, you have to double that warning. You should try to figure out the history of the watch you’re scoping out, as well as of the dealer. It’s best to go for well-known dealers that have a lot of reviews. It doesn’t need to be said, but picking up a $10,000 vintage Rolex without really digging into the details is a pretty foolish move. Don’t be tempted.

Counterfeit watches are getting better and better by the day almost literally, and our detection services can't always keep up. Be diligent, do your homework, and know your standards.